Journal of Applied Mathematics and Fluid Mechanics (JAMFM)

Volume 10, Number 1, (2018)





General Solutions to Boundary Layer & Related PDEs of Fluid Dynamics
pp. 1-10
Steve Anglin


Taylorís Viscous Problem for Centrifugal Stability / Instability in a Couette Flow: Thermal Convection with Rotation Problem
pp. 11-20
Steve Anglin


Energy Spectrum in Isotropic Turbulent Flows

pp. 21-24

Steve Anglin


Homogeneous Turbulence and the Rate of Viscous Dissipation of Kinetic Energy & Isotropic Turbulence

pp. 25-30

Steve Anglin


Incompressible Isotropic Turbulent Flows

pp. 31-35

Steve Anglin


Short Communications: Compressible Flows

pp. 37-42

Steve Anglin