Journal of Applied Mathematics and Fluid Mechanics (JAMFM)

Volume 7, Number 1, (2015)





Effects Of Viscous Dissipation, Radiation And Heat Source/Sink On Mhd Flow And Heat Transfer Over An Exponentially Stretching Sheet

pp. 1-10

Dr. V. Dhanalaxmi


Flow And Heat Transfer Of Electrically Conducting Nanofluid Over A Nonlinearly Stretching Sheet
pp. 11-26
V. Dhanalaxmi


Unsteady Flow Of Visco-Elastic Liquid In The Boundary Layer Around A Circular Cylinder Oscillating Harmonically
pp. 27-37
A.C.Sahoo and T.Biswal


Influence of Chemical Reaction and Heat Generation on Heat and Mass Transfer due to a Rotating Heated Sphere
pp. 39-49
B. R. Sharma and Hemanta Konwar


Effect Of Uniform Magnetic Field On The Motion Of Porous Sphere In Spherical Container
pp. 51-56
Pankaj Shukla and Sanjit Das


Modeling of Indoor Air Flow Distribution in a Natural Cross-ventillated Kitchen
pp. 5767
Buddhi Prasad Sapkota, Kedar Nath Uprety and Sharad Gokhale


Slip effect on Casson flow of blood
pp. 69-78
Arun Kumar Maiti