International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 13, Number 03 (2020)





Speech Recognition System: Overview of the State-Of-The-Arts

pp. 384-392
Roseline Oluwaseun Ogundokun, Oluwakemi Christiana Abikoye, Adekanmi Adeyinka Adegun, Joseph Bamidele Awotunde

Incident Management with Knowledge base: College of computer in Qassim University as a case study
pp. 393-396
Rinad Al-oqaily, Rehab Alharbi, Shiekha Alnomsi, Amlak Alharbi, Afef Selmi

Assessment of Reservoir Water Quality Using Water Quality Indices: A Case Study from Jordan.
pp. 397-406
Mahmoud M. Abualhaija, Ahmad H. Abu Hilal, Maisa’a W. Shammoutc and Alsharifa-Hind Mohammad

Methodology of Designing the Pithy Components of Elective Courses on the Higher Mathematics of Pedagogical Profile

Ulan Bekish, Duisebek Nurgabyl, Amandos Tulegulov, Gulsim Abdoldinova, Zhuldyz Basheyeva

Physico-chemical Behavior of the Wastewater Treatment System from Puerto Berrío, Colombia
pp. 414-418
Luis Eduardo Álvarez Martínez, Guillermo Ossa Cifuentes, Jhon Jairo Feria Díaz3*

Evaluation and Dynamics of the Glacial Runoff of the Rivers of the Ile Alatau Northern Slope in the Context of Global Warming
pp. 419-426
A.G. Chigrinets, K.K. Duskayev, L.P. Mazur, L.Yu. Chigrinets, S.T. Akhmetova, A.K. Mussina

A Mathematical Methodology for Predicting the Primary Site of Metastatic Adenocarcinoma Cancer based on Rough Set Theory
pp. 427-432
Hossam A. Nabwey, Abdulfattah Omar

Biodiesel Formation via the Transesterification of Treated Waste Cooking Oil Using Chicken Eggshell Ash and Natural Zeolite as Solid Catalyst
pp. 433-437
Taslim, Nike Taruna, Meilia, Iriany, and Okta Bani

A Comparative Study on the Performance Attributes of Finite Failure NHPP Software Reliability Model with Logistic Distribution Property
pp. 438-443
Tae-Jin Yang

Effect of Percentage Weight and Particle Size of SiCp Reinforcement on the Mechanical Behaviour of Functionally Graded Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite
pp. 444-453
Adefemi O. Owoputi, Freddie L. Inambao and William S. Ebhota

Structural and Optical Characterization of Thiourea-Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) Composites
pp. 454-461
T. Fahmy, A. sarhan and Z. M. Elqahtani

3D Printed Active Objects based on the Promising PEDOT: PSS Resin: Investigation of their Integration inside an Electronic Circuit
pp. 462-469
Valentina Bertana, Giorgio Scordo, Matteo Manachino, Stefano Romano, Manuel Gomez Gomez, Simone Luigi Marasso, Sergio Ferrero, Matteo Cocuzza, Candido Fabrizio Pirri, Luciano Scaltrito

Single Finite Fourier Sine Integral Transform Method for the Determination of Natural Frequencies of Flexural Vibration of Kirchhoff Plates
pp. 470-476
Onyedikachi Aloysius Oguaghamba, Charles Chinwuba Ike

Effect of Epoxy-based Adhesives and Embedded Length in the Bond Strength of Post-installed Reinforcement in Concrete
pp. 477-483
S. O Ajamu, O. D. Atoyebi and M. O. Oyeboade

Atmospheric Corrosion of Stainless Steel 304
pp. 484-489
Fakher Jribi, Christiaan Adika Adenya and James Mutuku Mutua

Analysis of Pollutants CO, CO2 and NO2: Case Study Villavicencio- Colombia
pp. 490-499
Vargas Javier, Arango Jeison, Agudelo Mateo, Cuellar Jairo, Eduardo Hernández, Isaza Lauren

Potential of Used Cooking Oil as Feedstock for Hydroprocessing into Hydrogenation Derived Renewable Diesel: A Review
pp. 500-519
Josiah Pelemo, Freddie L. Inambao and Emmanuel Idoko Onuh

Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Properties and their Effect on Diesel Engine Performance, Emission and Combustion Characteristics: A review
pp. 520-527
Obadiah Maube and Alfayo Alugongo

Identifying the Influence of Design Variations on the Performance of PV Systems for Net-Plus Energy Residential Buildings in Egypt
pp. 528-539
Hussein Hamza , Mohamed Ayman Ashour, Hanan Sabry and Mostafa Refat Ismail

Flexural Deformation of Expanded Polystyrene Concrete Sandwich Beam: An Experimental Study
pp. 540-547
Rr. M. I. Retno Susilorini, David Widianto, Fransiskus Indrakusumo Ogur, Sigma Prabandaru

pp. 548-551
Won Keun Min

A Methodology Based on Rough Set Theory and Hypergraph for the Prediction of Wart Treatment
pp. 552-559
Hossam A. Nabwey, Abdulfattah Omar

Masonry Walls Retrofitting with Eco-Concrete Bricks in Tidal Flooding Prone Area
Rr. M. I. Retno Susilorini, Stefanus William S, Rianto, Silvi Kartikowati, Mohammad Hendri Setiawan, Ludfie Hardian P, Erik Kurniawan

An Improvement of Electromotive Force in Switched Flux Permanent Magnet Generator by using Multi-Tooth Technique
pp. 570-574
Pattasad Seangwong, Siripat Somchit, Kanokphon Kaisoda, Phuson Srikhumphun, Kornchanok Suwanpaiboon, Warat Sriwannarat, Apirat Siritaratiwat and Pirat Khunkitti

About Centered Difference-Techniques in Solving SPBVPs
pp. 575-579
E. R. El-Zahar

Carbohydrate Polymers for Green Multi-Purpose Mortar
pp. 580-585
Rr. M. I. Retno Susilorini, Riska Suryanto, Yehuda Pramana

Categorization of Single Degree of Freedom Eight Link Kinematic Chains and Determination of Automorphism
pp. 586-591
Dr. Syed Shane Haider Rizvi and Javed Kaleem

Online API Controller for Performance Improvements in Multilevel STATCOMs

pp. 592-599
Ayman Alhejji

Evaluating Couple Simple Shear Wall as Low-cost Masonry Wall Strengthening by Rebound Hammer Test
pp. 600-607
Rr. M. I. Retno Susilorini, Rina Febrina, Helmia Adita Fitra

Cracked Pattern of Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Double Reinforcement with the Strengthening on Tensile Reinforcement
pp. 608-612