International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)


Volume 12, Number 10 (2019)





A Preliminary Study on the Complexity of Some Heuristics for Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems
pp. 1615-1620
Emmanuel Oluwatobi Asani, Peace O. Ayebga, Joyce A. Ayoola, Aderemi E. Okeyinka and Ayodele A. Adebiyi

AQI Measurement and Prediction using B-WEMA Method
pp. 1621-1625
Seng Hansun and Marcel Bonar Kristanda

Laplace Transform Method for the Elastic Buckling Analysis of Moderately Thick Beams
pp. 1626-1638
Charles Chinwuba IKE, Clifford Ugochukwu NWOJI, Benjamin Okwudili MAMA, Hyginus Nwankwo ONAH and Michael Ebie ONYIA

Design of and Optimal Preamplifier of Photoplethysmogram for Age-Related Vascular Stiffening Evaluation
pp. 1639-1646
Jeom Keun Kimeom and Jae Mok Ahn

Ultimate capacity of laterally loaded pile foundation in dry and saturated layered soils
pp. 1647-1653
Omed Azeez, Rizgar Hummadi and Ahmed Hasan

Six Sigma Approach in Safety Management of a Production Firm
pp. 1654-1663
A.E. Oluleye, T.O. Kehinde, K.J. Olaleye and S.L. Jegede

Fabrication Characterization and mechanical behavior of AL-10Mg- FA-SIC metal matrix composites
pp. 1664-1667
G.Rajeswara Rao, Jami Ramesh and V.Chittaranjan Das

Modified Ridge-Type Estimator with Prior Information
pp. 1668-1676
Adewale F. Lukman, Segun L. Jegede, Abdulrasheed B. Bellob, Samuel Binuomote and Abdul-Rahaman Haadi

Compromise Ranking Method to the Selection of Starch Source for the Production of Biodegradable Flexible Plastics
pp. 1677-1686
A.D. Adeyeye, T.A. Adeyemi, T.O. Kehinde, K. J. Olaleye and S.L. Jegede

Modeling, Simulation and Control Issues on Standalone Photovoltaic System
pp. 1687-1695
Farhan A. Salem, Mahrous Ahmed, Sherif Ghoneim, Mosleh M. Al-Harthi, Basem ALamri, Saad Mekhilef and Mohamed Orab

New alternative MSE based ROP Modeling and Anaysis with North Sea field Data
pp. 1696-1700
Mesfin Belayneh

Safety Institutional Structure Model for Developing Safety Culture in Construction Industry
pp. 1701-1706
Rossy Armyn Machfudiyanto, Yusuf Latief, Akhmad Suraji and Leni Sagita

Stability Enhancement of Multi-Machine Power System interconnected with Wind and PV plants Using Fuzzy Logic-based FACTS Controller
pp. 1707-1716
Abou-Hashema M. El-Sayed, Hassan A. Sayed, Ahmed A. Zaki Diab and Yahia B. Hassan

High Voltage Supercapacitor Energy Storage Protection
pp. 1717-1722
Alekseev Nikita, Kiselev Aleksey, Matinyan Alexander, Skluev Andrey and Rodygin Andrey

Raspberry Pi-Based Smart Infant Monitoring System
pp. 1723-1729
Dina M. Ibrahim, Mohammed Ali A. Hammoudeh, Sadaf Ambreen and Sajid Mohammadi

A Study on Changes in Speech Characteristics Based on an Emotional Signal Processing in a Virtual Space
pp. 1730-1734
Seonggeon Bae

Implementation of Reverse Engineering and Re-Engineering in the Development of Pin Valve for the Nozzle of Man Diesel Trucks
pp. 1735-1738
B. Kareem, O. O. Agboola, P. P. Ikubanni and F. I. Akhator

Machines’ Fault Detection and Tolerance Using Big Data Management
pp. 1739-1750
Salaheddin J. Juneidi

Design and Implementation of a Fingerprint-based Removable Storage Authentication System Using Particle Photon
pp. 1751-1756
Joongjin Kook

Design of A Fast Multiplier with (m, 3)-Adders
pp. 1757-1763
Myungchul Yoon

Performance Evaluation of Low-Power 4 X 4 Bit Memory Array Multiplier
pp. 1764-1768
Sunil Kumar Ojha, O.P. Singh, G.R.Mishra and P.R. Vaya

Evaporation Estimation of a Temporary Pond in Arid Region Using Aerodynamic, Combined, and Energy Balance Models
pp. 1769-1777
Azel Almutairi

Simulation of Perovskite based Solar Cell and Photodetector using SCAPS Software
pp. 1778-1786
Mohammad Kaifi and S.K.Gupta

Synchronization Method for CGH Generation on Graphic Processing Unit(GPU)
pp. 1787-1792
Joongjin Kook

Design of Algorithms for Identification and State Inference of Home Appliances
Sukil Hong and Joongjin Kook

The Novel Price Elasticity of Demand Model for Time of Use Electricity Rates Determination
pp. 1799-1807
Atitep Sukawattanapornkul, Apirat Siritaratiwat, Pirat Khunkitti, Chayada Surawanitkun and Rongrit Chatthaworn

The Use of Alternative Energy Sources in Construction
pp. 1808-1812
I. M. Polyakova, S. A. Nurpeissova, Zh. K. Maulenov, A. A. Dubinin and A. J. Kelemeshev

Development of a Konkani Language Dataset for Automatic Text Summarization and its Challenges
pp. 1813-18917
Jovi D’Silva and Dr. Uzzal Sharma

Investigating the Shear Performance of Lightweight Concrete Beams Reinforced with Recycled Tyres Steel Fibres
pp. 1818-1823
Brains Jarwolu Dorr, Christopher L. Kanali and Richard Ocharo Onchiri

A Systematic Mapping Study of Edge Computing and Internet of Things with the Cloud
pp. 1824-1836
Isaac Odun-Ayo, Ibukun Eweoya, Williams Toro-Abasia and Sherrene Bogleb