International Journal of Mathematics Research (IJMR)

Volume 8, Number 3 (2016)






Effect of Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid on MHD Fluctuating Flow with Heat and Mass Transfer through a Porous Medium Bounded by a Porous Plate
pp. 143-154
Nidhish Kumar Mishra

Heronian Mean Labeling of Some More Disconnected Graphs
pp. 155-165
S.S. Sandhya, E. Ebin Raja Merly and S.D. Deepa

Primitive Idempotents of Abelian Codes of Length 4pnqm
pp. 167-181
Monika and Ranjeet Singh


Intuitionistic Ultra Filter and Convergency of Filters
pp. 183–192
K. Suguna Devi, R. Raja Rajeswari and N. Durga Devi


Establishing Role of Rank–Metric Codes for Error Correction in Random Network Coding
pp. 193-198
Ajeet Singh and Shefali Kapoor


Some More Results on Super Heronian Mean Labeling
pp. 199-206
S.S. Sandhya, E. Ebin Raja Merly and G.D. Jemi

Strong λ- Bi Near Subtraction Semigroups
pp. 207-212
S.Firthous Fatima and S. Jayalakshmi


Fixed point theorems in parametric metric Space
pp. 213–220
R. Krishnakumar and Nagaral Pandit Sanatammappa


Prime Labeling for Some Planter Related Graphs
pp. 221-231
A. Edward Samuel and S. Kalaivani

Conventional and Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Based Optimization Techniques For Reactive Power Management – A Review
pp. 233-249
Mohd Jamil Khan, Yogesh Kumar and Abdullah Umar


Optimal Power Flow (OPF) formulation and Reactive Power Optimization of Power Systems Using Conventional Optimization Technique (Interior Point Method)
pp. 251-263
Mohd Jamil Khan and Yogesh Kumar