International Journal of Mathematics Research (IJMR)

Volume 7, Number 2 (2015)






An Extension Of Gregus Fixed Point Theorem
pp. 91-95
Aradhana Sharma and G. S. Sao


Super Geometric Mean Labeling Of Some Disconnected Graphs
pp. 97-108
S.S.Sandhya, E. Ebin Raja Merly and B.Shiny


On Soft Almost g-continuous functions
pp. 109-123
A. Selvi and I. Arockiarani


Some Results On Root Square Mean Graphs
pp. 125-134
S.S.Sandhya, S.Somasundaram and S.Anusa


F- Bi Near Subtraction Semigroups
pp. 135-139
S.Firthous Fatima and S. Jayalakshmi


Some Results on -Normal and Hyponormal Operators on the Tensor Product of Hilbert Spaces
pp. 141-149
Pranab Jyoti Dowari and Nilakshi Goswami


n-Ricci Soliton On A Real Hypersurface Of A Complex Space Form
pp. 151-157
Nagaraja H G, Venu K And Savithri Shashidhar


Time Dependent Bulk Transportation Problem
pp. 159-166
B. Naganna and M. Sundara Murthy


Geometric Mean Labelings of trees in Γ(Zn)
pp. 167-171
J. Periaswamy and N.Selvi


Some Properties of the Chaotic Shift Map On the Generalised m-Symbol Space and Topological Conjugacy

pp. 173-190

Tarini Kumar Dutta and Anandaram Burhagohain


Flat Curvature tensors on Hsu-Structure Manifold,and its application to relativity
pp. 191-196
Lata Bisht and Sandhana Shanker


On the Lattice of Convex Sets and Path Sets of a Connected Graph
pp. 197-202
Girish Kumara R. and Lavanya S


Characterizations of a finite groups of order pq and p2q

pp. 203207

Kuwali Das