International Journal of Mathematics Research (IJMR)

Volume 5, Number 1 (2013)





Fractal Dimension for New Fractional Derivative

pp. 1-4

Author: Masoud Pourhasan


Connected Domination number of a Commutative Ring 

pp. 5-11

Authors: J. Ravi Sankar and S. Meena


On the Fekete-Szego Problem for a Subclass of λ -Convex Functions

pp. 13-17

Author: Li Xiaofei


Strong Edge Graceful Labeling of Windmill Graphs
pp. 19-26
Author: Dr. M. Subbiah

Study of Recent Advances in Mathematics 
pp. 27-39
Author: Manprit Kaur

Comparative Study of Double Mellin-Laplace and Fourier Transform
pp. 41-48
Authors: Sarita poonia and Dr Rachna Mathur

On Characterization Non-Commutative Structure of Spin Manifold
pp. 49-53 
Author: Niranjan Kumar Mishra

Harmonic Mean Labeling for Some Special Graphs 
pp. 55-64
Authors: S.S. Sandhya and S. Somasundaram

Some Relations on Sixth Order Mock Theta Functions 
pp. 65-76
Author: Roselin Antony

Cone metric space and Fixed point theorems for pair of generalized contractive mappings
Authors: S. K. Tiwari and R. P. Dubey

Coefficent estimates for bi-univalent strongly starlike and Bazilevic functions
pp. 87-96 
Authors: Samaneh G. Hamidi, Suzeini Abd Halim and Jay M. Jahangiri

On a Class of Weakly Berwald (α, β)- metrics of Scalar flag curvature
pp. 97-108 
Authors: Narasimhamurthy S.K, Kavyashree A.R, Ajith and Mallikarjun Y.K

Fuzzy Almost Contra rw-Continuous Functions in Topological Spaces
pp. 109-117 
Authors: K. Balasubramaniyan and S. Sriram

Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs Arising from Minimum Total Dominating Sets in a Graphs
pp. 119-126
Authors: Shailaja S. Shirkol, Manjula C. Gudgeri and H.G. Shekharappa

Observations on the Non-homogeneous Quintic Equation with Four Unknowns
pp. 127-133
Authors: S. Vidhyalakshmi, K. Lakshmi and M.A. Gopalan

Observations on the Non-homogenous Biquadratic Equation with Four Unknowns
pp. 135-140 
Authors: S. Vidhyalakshmi, T.R. Usha Rani and M.A. Gopalan

A Common Fixed Point Theorem for Six Self Mappings under D*–compatibility
pp. 141-148 
Authors: Dr. V.H. Badshah, Swati Choursiya and Dr. V.K. Gupta

Transport System Effects On Cross Diffusion 
pp. 149-158
Authors: H. S. Ndakwo, M. A. Umar and A. Y. Muhammad

Seeking the Best Shape of Pans Heated in an Oven 
pp. 159-171
Authors: Guanqiao Shan, Andi Fang and Qingyun Lin

Some Random Fixed Point Theorems for Pair of Non Commuting Expansive type Mappings in Polish Space

pp. 173-182 
Authors: Prabha Chouhan, Neeraj Malviya and Geeta Agrawal

U-Compactness and Gδ-Continuity 
pp. 183-187
Authors: P. Jha , B.P. Tripathi and Manisha Shrivastava





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